Thursday, March 29, 2007

Getting closer

Today for the first time Riley started saying "Ma" when she wants me. It seriously brought tears to my eyes. I thought she would never start saying it. She always says Daddy when I try to get her to say Mama and then laughs. So we are making progress. Maybe by the time she turns 2 she will be calling me Mama! :)


Regina said...

That is so sweet!! I'm wondering what really counts as a first word? This past weekend, Kerensa started saying ba ba ba. Then she's just say baab (bob). I think that makes bob her first word, but Ryan disagrees with me! : )

MartiMichelle said...

Finally! God job Riley! though don't go too overboard, mae sure she still says "dada" when she has a dirty diaper! and then by the time she 2 1/2 you'll wish you hadn't taughter her "mooooooommyyyyy" :) Really I am so glad I remember waiting and wait for Garrett to say it adn he still very rarely says it. It is a treasure.

Amy said...

Camille was and still is all about her daddy. It was a long time before she said mama and when she first said it, I was elated!

Neva said...

One of my sons said "dada, nana, doggy, bottle and blanket" before he said "mama"--but when he was tired or ill or just needed love, he knew where to go--he toddled over to me, held up his arms, smiled and then nestled down in my arms---he didn't have to say a word. A mother knows---