Friday, April 13, 2007


Our taxes are done! We normally don't wait this long, but had some difficulty (understatement!) getting all the stuff we needed. We thought we had everything and then discovered that we were missing house information (AR and TN ones) so that began half the battle. We couldn't efile this year since we had to override (???) on the federal and were only part time residents for AR. Lots of fun (hear the sarcasm). So at least it is now over for another year. Hopefully no audits or issues will be found- if so I'll go crazy!!!!! :)


Neva said...

Are yall doing the Happy Dance?
I would be!!

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the fun of moving...and now I think oh yeah, we will be facing the same thing next year. Oh well, New Mexico is worth it. Congrats.

Lindsey said...

Glad to hear you finally got them done...thankfully Chad handles the taxes in our family because they'd never get done if it was left to me!! BTW: We got together with Chad's parents today (Dennis and Linda - Jenny too) and told them that you'd found us in the blogger world. They were excited and wanted to hear about how you and your family was doing - so, here's a "hello" from the other Eason family!! :)


Taxes ... sheesh ... they do wear me out!

lisa leichner said...

Well ... I just got them done on SUNDAY!! Though, like you, I don't usually wait this long to get them done, I didn't have the same excuse you had of waiting for things to come in. I just kept putting stuff off!

Looks like you had a good weekend. Enjoyed the pictures!