Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thank You!

Ian was blessed to get an early birthday present from Grandma and Pawpaw Clement. He and Caleb were starting to fight over Caleb's big boy bike. So Ian and I headed out to Toys R Us and found a big boy bike for him. He is so excited to have it. He does really well. Sometimes we have trouble getting started depending where the pedals are, but he loves to ride it. Caleb has been a big help with teaching Ian how to ride it. When we got on walks, Ian feels so much more like his brother.


Malia said...

Those are great bikes! I'm going to have to keep that in mind for Boo's next birthday!

lisa said...

Malia, I thought it was GMan now. (o;

We had to get Nathan a new bike for his birthday in February. So now everyone has their own.

Love the crocs. My mom just got some for my 3. They're so tiny & cute!