Monday, June 18, 2007

Our NY Trip

Here is my first attempt at a slide show. So if it doesn't work, please don't harass me! :) Our trip to NY was a lot of fun. It was wild and insanely crazy at times, but I am glad we got to go. Not knowing how my grandparents health will go or when the next time we might get up there made me suck up the 12 hour drive and take it all in. The kids did real well on the trip. Their nap schedules got a tad messed up (to be expected) so towards the end they were fussy. They had a great time at Grand-Papas house and then at the assisted living apartment. We even got to sneak in a visit with my Aunt Sharron. We met at a park and the kids loved it. Although it made me nervous, they loved sitting on the concrete wall my the lake. Not that the water was deep where they were, but I still would have hated for them to fall in. I use to go swimming in that lake when I visited my Grandma Mary for the summer. It was so nice to see all the places I remember as a child. The weather was awesome- cold enough at night to need a blanket. The kids really loved having my Aunt Judy and cousin Tuna (Tina) around. It was nice to see them and will be even better when we see them this summer on our Fl trip.

*OK for some reason some of the pictures didn't rotate correctly, so you may have to turn your head to look at a few! Sorry! :)


Anonymous said...

Great, wonderful pics, Marie. Thanks for posting them! I am so glad that your trip was good. Love ya.


TexasNeals said...

Marie, ya'lls kids are so cute!! I need some tips on keeping up w/ three kids! It's crazy huh?! :) So glad to be able to keep up w/ you through blog world. It was encouraging to hear that your Mom loves her pump. We are still trying to get adjusted, but I'm sure it's going to be great.


The Blessed One said...

Your slide show turned out great!! Your kiddo's look fantaboulous mama!!!