Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I was going to post some pictures of Miss R today, but thought this was more important! Check back tomorrow for news and pictures of the kids!

Many of you head the wonderful news about Ethan on "Miracle Monday". His bone marrow asperate came back with zero cells- no good ones, no bad ones! Everyone praying for this lil' man have been rejoicing all week!

Here is the not so good news. After reading his site, they now have a few more hurdles to jump through. 1 Ethan has developed a diaper rash- this can be very bad because he has no immune system. The worst kind of infection to get would be fungal- which is possible with the open sores on his bottom- in a diaper. 2 They were told today that he as liver damage. If it progresses any more it will become fatal. Ben (Ethan's dad) didn't say whether it was caused by the chemo he just finished, but I think it might have been one of the side effects. 3 At the meeting with the Dr today, they were told all of the ways that Ethan could die with in the coming weeks and months. I cannot imagine how hard that was to have it all listed out after such a victory.

Ben and Becky are calling all prayers warriors to enlist again on behalf of their son. Take a moment to pray for Ethan, his mommy and daddy and for the medical personal treating him. Pray for healing in his body and strength to endure the coming procedures. PRAYER WORKS!!!


The Blessed One said...

Marie, thank you for allowing me to pray for him through you. I have really been praying for this precious soul and his family. They have had so much faith. My heart just aches for them. God's will be done but if it is to save this little miracle, so be it.

Neva said...

Oh Marie, I am praying for this baby and his momma and daddy.
I don't know what to say, but God knows what I feel.