Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wish I had my camera

Around 6am this morning, we got a lovely awakening from 2 sweet boys. Neither Matt or I were ready by any means to get up. The boys were asked to go back to bed. Next thing we know we can hear them laughing, Matt opens the door to find them sitting in front of the door watching the birds and leaves out the window. I come out to find my 2 little boys and my grown boy sitting side by side looking out the window at the birds. Same expression on their faces, sitting the exact same way and giving me a huge smile as I walked out. For the next hour, we played and kidded around, till the boys were ready for breakfast. Early start, but well worth it!


Neva said...

Love the new look of the blog!
Your kids are adorable.
Come on over--I have grandchildren here again. :)


The Blessed One said...

Hey Marie,
I love the new blog!!! That story was precious. It's what life really is all about huh?? Good luck with your interview tomorrow and let us know how it goes!!