Saturday, July 28, 2007


Sorry for the delay in pictures and updates. I haven't even had time to reply to all the emails I have gotten. We are in Indiana right now celebrating my niece, Kaitlyn's first birthday. I have been on the go for the last week and have been really sleepy and a little worried/stressed about all I have to do. But I wanted to at least update you on the last week.

The kids did really great at the Day School. Caleb and Ian had so much fun those two days. Riley loved it too although you would never know it the way she was hollerin' when I left her in the morning and when she found out I was in the room to get them. But I know they are in good hands and are making friends.

I have been in and out of in service's and meetings. I haven't really gotten to clean my room and start organizing it, which is stressing me out. We have meetings next week and then a few days to work in our rooms. Matt is going to help me move furniture on a few evenings and then next weekend, to paint my room. My room was basically the drop spot for anything and everything. I spent 2 1/2 hours one day just throwing trash away. I also have a possible list of my students. So far I will have 12 tenth and eleventh graders. Most have MR or Autism along with another disabilities. I am hoping to get them involved in the Special Olympic activities this year. Maybe after I have been teaching for a few years I will be brave enough to take them to the skiing competition in December. :)

I haven't cried about leaving the kids or had any really crazy or insane emotions (I don't think). I wasn't sure how I would feel having the kids in ano0ther school that is 10 min away. But I was actually fine with it. I look at it this way- if something were to happen in my bldg, I would be worring about my kids rather while trying to get students to safety.

We are heading home tomorrow morning, so hopefully I will be able to get our FL vacation pictures up along with some from Kaits birthday. I may even supprise you with pictures of my crazy room (before and after shots!) I'll try not to leave the 2 loyal readers we have out in the dark! :)


MartiMichelle said...

this loyal blog reader wold love more pictures!

The Blessed One said...

I can't wait to see how your trip was!! I know you loved being back in FL. :-)

laura said...

Holy canoly... you have been one busy teacher/mommy/wife/sis-in-law/aunt... and where does the list end! I really hope that you have the time that you want to get your room set up like you want to and I'll be praying over your students! You're going to do great and be amazing!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to post a hello! Glad the Clement family is having such a fun summer. And, I am so glad to hear about your new teaching job. Keep taking care of each other and trusting God.

MelissaT said...

Isn't it frustrating to be stuck in meetings when you know you have a ton to do in your classroom? Our school is famous for that. I wish you the best as you prepare for your students!