Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Alligator Farm

While we were in St. Augustine we hit one of may favorite places as a child: The Alligator Farm. It still looks the same, but has some new area. We had a blast looking at all of the alligators and crocodiles. The kids got to feed some baby alligators and then watch the bigger ones get fed. I have to say that I wish they fed them like they use too. Now they have rats that they toss at them or dangle to get them to react to. When I was little, they stood on an over hang to the corral and tossed chickens in. It was an amazing sight and sound to observe. We did see some action (see photo below). The guy was tempting one alligator while another crept up behind him. The kids even got to touch a boa constrictor. My Uncle Nick and cousin Tina were able to go with us and we all had a ton of fun. I will have to get more of the pictures from Uncle Nick and post those. I hardly have any of them in my photos. I was concentrating on the Alligators and getting pointers from my uncle who is a photographer.
Oh and just so you know, the very last picture is of Gomeck. He was the largest alligator recorded at the farm. And let me say he is massive. They have a whole section dedicated to him and it was really neat. They now have Maximo, but we didn't get to see him (He was hiding under the dock).

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