Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Matt!

In Honor of my hubby's 31st birthday, I wanted to tell you 31 things about him and why I love him so much.

1. He loves God more than he loves me
2. He loves me second to God
3. He loves our children
4. He takes care of us
5. He asks my opinion about things and really wants to know them
6. He loves (I mean loves) sports
7. It doesn't embarrass him when we cheer at his games
8. He is really good at his job
9. He picks at me when I ask silly questions
10. He supported me in going back to work
11. He supports me in everything I try
12. He has seen me make many mistakes, and even if the frustrate him, he forgives me and helps me move on
13. He prays for me every day
14. He likes it that I cook meals every night
15. He likes my cooking
16. I love to see him in worship to God
17. His knowledge about the Bible is phenominal
18. He is my best friend
19. He is a good friend to others
20. He is honest
21. He is not afraid of change
22. He lives his life
23. He has amazing hazel eyes
24. Even though we are not dating anymore, he still holds my hand
25. He will go see "girl" movies with me (although we almost always see actions)
26. He plays crazy with our kids
27. He can't wait to coach our kids in sports
28. He loves having a little girl
29. I love his smile and his laugh
30. He balances me out
31. He makes me a better person, wife and mother

I am so blessed to have Matt in my life. Not only as a husband and father of my children, but as a partner in life and in Christ. Matt, I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and I hope you enjoyed the Titans game. We love you and are so happy we get to have many more celebrations with you.

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Michelle said...

Wow marie, That was really neat. What a wonderful creative gift to celebrate your husband. We love you guys.