Monday, October 08, 2007

My Classroom

Well here are the after shots of my room. I didn't get any before shots, so if you close your eyes I will give you a mental picture. Think of peach colored wallpaper, with little brown "><" on it, then picture large flowered border at the ceiling, mid way down and the bottom and you have my room. I went with a cool yet energetic blue and we all really like it. I finally got some posters on the wall and still have some decorating to do. It is small, but a good size for my 12 students. I just attended a work based program training, so here with in the next 3 months I will start using the wooden work bench in the back of the room. My kids are tough some days, but with the backgrounds they come from, I expect that. One day I will get their pictures up here so you can see them.

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