Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Home for the week

Well it looks like I will be getting a 4day break a week before my 2 week break! The doctor and I decided at Caleb's appointment that he should stay home, that way we could work on getting his bowel moving again. We have had success, but are taking it easy and working toward a more consistent time frame. I am praying that one day we can move past these incidents. I have to admit that this episode is more my fault. I didn't think or calculate the amount of dairy in the school lunches. So he was getting double what he normally does. So we are slowly working our way back to a functioning colon. But we have enjoyed our time off so far, and we are heading up to Caleb's school to pickup his school work here in a few min. That way he won't fall behind (yes- teacher in me!). Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!!


Michelle said...

So sorry to hear about Calebs troubles. I hope everything gets better soon!

Amy said...

Me too!