Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas 2008

I finally got the pictures loaded on the laptop AND I finally figured out how do a slide show! Lucky you!! I think the problem with me trying the last few time was the operating system I was using to store the pictures in....regardless I am so excited that it went smoothly! The joy of the little thing :)

This year we stayed home and everyone came to us. We celebrated with my parents Christmas day and then Lee and Linda came in that evening. Scott and Heather and the family came in Friday for the day. It was so nice to have everyone here. I definitely got a lot of cooking in. The kids had a great Christmas this year. The only thing that Caleb asked Sana for was a DS.......I was in shock a little bit, till I picked him up from school and say 8 kindergartners with DS'. So we actually found a good deal on that and told Santa about it. He has been begging to take it to school, but I cannot bring myself to allow him. I am worried it might get taken or lost. Ian got the Leapster 2, but now I am wishing we had gone the digi route. The one thing he loves is that it is a Star Wars one. :) Riley got all things dress up and has been having a blast. We got her a pop up tent and she has had so much fun with it. It was so relaxing and we so enjoyed being with family. My parents took the kids the week of New Years and I was able to enjoy some time alone with Matt before 8pm. We went and spent a few days at mom and dad's and then came home. We are now all back at work and school, but ready for the weekend. Now that we are done with the quick synopsis, lets get to the part you all are waiting for.....Pictures!

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outnumberedlisa said...

All 3 of my boys wanted a DS this year -- YIKES! We told them that "Santa" wasn't going to spend that much on all of them, but they didn't give "Santa" much else to work with. So "Santa" compromised and brought them one to share. They seem to be all right with that. I will never understand parents that let their kids take DS's to school, though. Especially younger kids! Sheesh!