Saturday, April 04, 2009

Over our spring break we had the opportunity to have a blast- these pictures were when they were playing with play doh. My kids love to create and they had a blast with the monster parts and with the molds. I had found 2 kits at Target that had a bunch of molds, toys and fun stuff, so we splurged and replaced our almost non-existent set. I love watching them make things and share with each other!

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The Blessed One said...

For some reason my blogger didn't let me know you had updates! They're all great. The kids are getting so big. I'm thinking I'm going to get AJ a big play-doh set for Easter. I dunno. Still debating. Again, I'm so sorry to hear about the boys. I know it was a long hard night for you guys! Give em bigs hugs and praises from me for being so brave! Love you!!