Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Pictures (Part 2- out of wack)

*Opening the tiny pieces for her castle
*Caleb helped Zeiva open her gift from Santa (He was a little worried that she didn't get very much, but we convinced him that her bed and tug were also part of her Christmas!
*New princess dolls
*Caleb's new DS game
*Books, Books and more books
*The one thing that he wanted from Santa- a DS
*and a game to go with it!
*While watching one of Daddy's new movies, Riley apparently got a little cold (might have helped if she actually wore warm clothing, but no- we had to dress like a princess :)
*Testing the new game out- he had it beat by the end of the day!
*Doesn't Zeiva look SO happy that Riley is sharing her new princess crown?? :)
*Zeiva prefers to have her toys on her bed at all times- and loves to play with them!
*Christmas PJ's that they opened Christmas Eve
*Princess Riley (yes, it is spaghetti straps in 30 degree weather!)
*Daddy helping Riley put her new Castle together- she was SUPER excited and loves it!

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