Thursday, January 07, 2010

I have not forgotten...

to post about our meals. I let a co-worker look at the cookbook and since we are having a snow day today (yes- laugh with me....yup! No snow yet!) so I was not able to get it from her. She is loving it though and I plan to spread the wealth to as many people want to try it! So as soon as I return to school, I will post the recipes of the following meals:

Fiesta Shrimp
Taco Soup

And I am sure that I will have a few more to post by Monday. I really don't want to attempt from memory, as it would be very unfair to you! I also plan to post pictures if I have them. I keep meaning to take some, but everyone is starving that the stomach takes over before the camera! :)

So we are enjoying the "we-have-yet-to-see-snow" snow day and to be honest.....I am hopeful that the supposed wind chill tomorrow in the am will cause us to not have school. I know...very bad of me huh?? :)

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