Monday, February 08, 2010

Jaiden's Story (and Photos)

Our new little man

We Now have FULL van! :)
Squishy cheeks
Proud big sister
Proud big Brother
Proud big Brother

Well, I must admit- this was by far the easiest birth and recovery. It was pretty un-eventful and calm. I was lucky in the fact that I was given a spinal rather than an epidural, and I really think that made a huge difference. The day after the c-section, I was IV free and had no attachments. It was so nice. I was up and walking about 5-6 hours after surgery and never really had any pain. The kids were so excited to come to the hospital and see Jaiden. Caleb is a pro already at lifting him and holding him. He wouldn't give him up if it were not for the fact that he can't feed him. :) Ian and Riley love to hold him and are always looking for ways to make sure that he is taken care of. He has very healthy lungs and exercises them like clock work. He is not a huge fan of diaper changes and is particularly vocal about them at night. I made the mistake of coming downstairs a few nights ago, wanting to give Matt some sleep, and he woke everyone up. I hadn't considered that his cries would echo through the house. :) He is doing well and we love having him here!

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