Sunday, May 09, 2010

Long time...

Well it has been quiet a while since I have posted on here. Life keeps me pretty busy, and since I am now back at work- I find that my time is pretty limited. I am going to have to rearrange my time to get it all in! :) I have tons of pictures that I am going to be getting on here. But before that comes an update!

I am back at work, and so far Jaiden is loving his class. It took him a while to adjust, and for me to adjust, but we are getting there. Only 3 more weeks left and I am counting the days! :) I applied for a job closer to home and had an interview a few weeks ago. I am starting to get a little worried as I have not heard anything. But I am trying to be patient and hear God's voice. I know that He will tell me what to do.

Caleb, Ian and Riley are growing like weeds. I am constantly amazed at how they are maturing and growing right in front of me. I get teary eyed just thinking that next year, Caleb will be in 2nd grade and turning 8!! Seems like not that long ago, he was a baby in my arms. Sigh..... I know it is part of the "process"- just wish that he would slow it down a little.

Matt has started a new job with in Vandy. He is working for the Human Tissue network. He is really excited about it and will do an amazing job. I got to see his office and visit the bldg the other day. Pretty nice! Helps that a Starbucks, Borders and Bread & Company is right downstairs! :) I can see myself visiting often ;)

Well on to pictures...they are on the way!

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