Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well Riley offically loves carrots and squash. She keeps up with her brothers reputation in the eating department. So I might have 3 eating me out of house and home when they are teenagers. :) But she would eat till she popped if I let her. I have to stop her so that she will still drink some formula. But she loves that she gets to eat meals with us know. Caleb watches hereat and tells her to "chew and don't spit your food out". She just laughs at hime and continues to "buzz" her food out. She is growing quite a bit. She is starting to get a little chunky in the belly and legs but she is still small. Crazy to think she will be six months in May.

The boys are dong wonderful. Matt and I have determined that we have some jocks on our hands (the sweet and nice kind!). Everything is a sport. They are into baseball, basketball and soccer. We went to the park at the soccer feilds the other day and the boys were ready to run out there and play. So next year I think we will get them in t-ball. They also love dinosaurs. Basically they are true boys. They are a ton of fun and keep me on my toes. This morning we were in their room playing and Caleb said " Want to be a boy mommy? We have a lot of fun!". And that they do.

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MartiMichelle said...

It's ok Riley . . you can come over and play tea party with Aunt Marti and Emma whenever you want!