Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tuckered Out

All four of my sweet hearts were tired after the Levy Church Garage Sale last weekend. Matt was a wonderful hubby and got up at 5:30 to take our stuff over and help set up. After the kids woke up we went over to help out. We had a TON of stuff there and a lot of people stopped by. There were several famlies that brought stuff to sell and then many famlies at the church donated stuff to sell. All the procedes from items donated went to the Haiti mission fund. It will help people get down there to teach others about God and to help with their schooling. The boys had a hay day with all the toys there. We bought the kids some dinosaurs and a power ranger toy (car and guy). Then Ted gave us some of his "boy"toys. So the kids are all set! Matt took all the kids home after lunch for a nap while I stayed and helped man the stations a little longer. When I got home I found my hubby and sweet girl asleep on the recliner. She was so cute in her Daddys arms! We were all worn out from that day and I was a little red! :) Not being in FL for 9 years makes your skin lighter so I don't tan as quickly. I turned red but I still haven't peeled so I don't think I will. (YEAH!!!) All in all we raised about 1500 for the Haiti mission work. We made out pretty well ourselves.

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