Thursday, April 27, 2006


Riley has been testing out her jumper. I know once she figures out how to jump in it she will be off.

Caleb is growing so fast. He is very smart and loves to learn. He sings all the time and is such a good big brother.

Ian is getting to be such a big kid. He copies his brother in everything. He is talking very well and learns new things everyday.

Matt and I are so proud of our kids. We know they are not perfect but they try real hard to please us and be good. They get excited to go to Bible class and always want to go. We are so happy to have the wonderful teachers at Levy that we do. They have taught our children so much about God and we thank them for it!


The Emersons said...

marie, how old is riley? she seems to be very close in "milestones" to caden.


Marie said...

she is almost 6 months. Its funny to watch her and compare her to the boys. The physical milestones came slower than the boys but the verbal came earlier!