Thursday, May 04, 2006


Well it has been said that Change is a good thing- In this case it is. After prayerful consideration and thought we have decided to move our family to Nashville, TN. Matt has taken a job with Vanderbilt University. Although this job will lead us away from our many friends it brings us closer to family and undicsovered friendships. We are truly looking foward to what God has in store for us. I believe that this opportunity has opened doors for us. With Matt working at Vanderbilt, I will be able to return to school and get my masters and the kids could attend there at a discounted price (always a good thing). There are many churches there that will allow us the opportunity to worship and be involved in many areas. It will be hard to leave the friends we have made at Levy. Many thanks to the cradle roll and toddler teachers for teaching our children to hold and share the love of God and for loving them so much.

We will not be leaving for a little while but will be busy in the process of getting ready. Please pray that our home will sell quickly and that the transition will go well for our family.


MartiMichelle said...

I'm just wondering did "uncle matt" and "ree-ree" even consider what poor emma would think about this move? what are they going to tell her? humm??? uh-huh i figured she wasn't in the decision making process. so sad. . . . . we'll miss ya but you gotta do what's best for your family. :)

Krista said...

I agree. What is Cauy going to do without Matt's house? :) Wish all of you the best of luck!

Kann said...

I still remember when we made the decision to moe to New Hampshire.. I knew it was where God wanted us but it was hard to leave our friends and life as we knew it! I will keep you in our prayers!

laura bull said...

Gary and I were so suprised to hear the news, but are so excited for this new adventure for your family. and it will be sooooo great for your kiddos to be closer to family, trust me, i know how valuable that is! we will be praying that all goes well, as moving can be stressful enough, much less with three little ones. God bless you and your sweet family!
Gary, Laura and Nathan