Saturday, May 06, 2006

Open House

Well we had our first (and hopefully only ) Open House yesterday. They are just so hard when you have more than one kid. Matt stayed home from church to get the "little things" done and I took the kiddos to church. It was senior Sunday and I wanted to be there to see all the seniors get their Bible. Caleb saw Mandy up there and really, I mean REALLY wanted to get down and go see her. He wanted to give her a hug and tell her he loved her!! How sweet was that! Almost made me cry. Then came the slide show. I must admit- I get slightly teary-eyed at them. It is just so neat to see them when they were little kids (age of mine) and then to see them grow. I had planned on going to the lunch after church but decided I wasn't going to since Ian was crying for daddy.

We went home changed and got Matt. We then had a grand total of 4 1/2 hours to burn outside the home. :) We did what any other parents of 3 would do- Went to Chuck E. Cheese. It was nice. Not crowded and the kids had fun and ate! Ian was a little freaked out when Chuckie came running out around the corner. He bolted into Matt's arms. But he warmed up to him later and gave him a high five. Caleb was a dancing man- he boogied to the music with Chuckie. After our adventure there we went to the Soccer fields to let the kids sleep in the car. That never happened- once I turned the car off Caleb woke up and was ready to play. Then came Ian and Riley. But we had a ton of fun running around the fields. A little girl asked the boys to play soccer with her. They were so cute on the field. I know Soccer players are not supposed to be cute- but they were. They played their hearts out.

Once we finally got home we found that we actually had several couples attend and that there were 2 really interested. We are hoping that one of those couples if not both will make us an offer. I don't see us moving before the end of the month, but anything is possible. Caleb's Bible teacher asked us to be here for the 2 year graduation the last Wed in May, so we plan to stay here for that. Apparently they do a little ceremony and move them up to the 3 year old class. We found out there are several boys that ask for Caleb in there. So there are boys for him to play with there. We just need to figure out who they are! :)

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Please continue to pray that our home sells quickly and that we are able to as one family and not be spread out between here and Nashville.

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