Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Moving Date Set

Well we finally have a date for the move. Matt will offically start on June 5th. So we will be moving out probably the thursday or friday before. I think we will have a moving company come and box things up and move them for us since the company pays for it. Then we will live in temp. housing for a little while if our home has not sold yet. It might be tight but we will make it. So we might be moving on my birthday, but that is ok. After you hit a certain age they really tend not to be a big deal anymore. I'll just make us eat at a really nice restraunt on our way there! :)


Kann said...

Well you better keep up with your blog and have your computer up and running...how am I suppose to keep up with you if you don't!
Bye the way what is Heather up to these days???

Marie said...

She is actully going to be having a little girl in August! She and Scott are really excited. Her name is going to be Kaitlyn. I will send you her email in a message on my space.

Krista said...

Glad to see that things are moving, even though they are moving super fast! I hate that the boys will miss Cauy's 2nd birthday. His party is that Saturday (the 3rd). I will be sure to give you the favors that I got for all the kids so that they can have something to annoy you with on the ride to Nashville! :)