Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What is in a Name??

Caleb has recently begun calling me Marie. It started a few weeks ago when he was up stairs and needed something. Instead of calling Mommy he yelled down "Marie.... Marie......Marie I need help". Needless to say he got ignored till I heard Mommy. I then pretended to not have heard him untill he said Mommy. Caleb then appologized and said I know your mommy "but you have to listen Marie" He has only done it a few times since. But every now and then he sounds just like Matt when he says my name. Luckily Ian has not caught on.


Krista said...

That is funny. You gotta some cute boys on your hands. Good luck to you! :)

MartiMichelle said...

emma does the same thing. she does it to me, matt, granny, and big daddy at different times. she has also taken to calling me mom instead of mommy. i don't really lik e it either because it sounds so grown up coming out of her mouth!