Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Riley update

Well baby girl had her apt last week and she is growing steadily. She now weighs in at a whopping 14 lbs 13 oz (only 8 oz heavier than Garrett who is 2 months) and is in the 35%tile in weight and 30%tile in height. She is sitting up real well now and loves to play with her toys and watch her brothers run around her. We are on meats now. She LOVES to eat. We don't think it will be too long till she is trying to crawl. She pushes up on her hands and has made it onto her knees a few times. I know she is wanting to chase after her brothers. Her brother absolutely adore her and love to talk to her. Caleb gets this really high voice when he talks to her and Both Ian and Caleb get right in her face to make her smile. She is constantly watching them and laughing at them.

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