Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Ever sense we have moved I have struggled with trying to find a time through out the day to get in some excercise and study time. While in AR I usually got up early and got excercise in before the kids woke up and my adopted kids got to the house. Then while they were all napping I cleaned and then had my Bible study time. Well now that we are living in limbo, Riley wakes up at 0 dark thirty and the boys are not far behind her. They also never nap at the same time if they choose to nap at all. Needless to say I have gotten slack about it all. I recently decided to start a study by Beth Moore entitled "The Patriarchs". I am so excited about it, but I have yet to find the time when I can do it. The lessons that you listen to are at least and hour long and then you have a ton of homework. Hopefully once we get moved I can get that started. Since I have not been able to start that, I have begun reading a book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss (author of "Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets them Free") entitled "Holiness". Even though I only gets snipets in here and there it has changed the way that I percieve things and how I think about them. I can feel a change begining inward that I am excited about. I have always wanted to become Holy as we have been called to be. I just didn't take the time or I thought I was already on track in areas. I have really , truly begun to transform inside. Not only has it helped my spiritual walk but it also has helped with keeping my sanity in all things and I think has made me become a better wife (you'll have to ask Matt on that one!) and mother. I feel a closeness with God that I haven't felt before for such a long time. It makes me want to do more, learn more and study more. It also has made me sit down and make a plan for exercising and eating healthy. I can feel and see God in all the aspects of my life now and I know the ares of my temptations (some foods, certain shows on tv, ect) and am learning how to get rid of them. Please pray that I continue to grow and to hold tight to the path that God has placed me on. I know that through all the things going on now that he has a plan and is gently leading me in the direction he wants me to go.


The Channings said...

Marie, thanks for your transparency and thoughts with this entry. May God bless you as you continue to seek Him. I love you!

laura bull said...

I miss your sweet spirit and having sisters in Christ to be real with. I pray that you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I loved your thoughts on holiness. who knows... i might just have to check that book out when nathan and i are home :) less than 4 weeks now. pray that all goes well, we're running into a few problems with our visas/passports right now and i'm a little stressed out about it all. just really am ready to come home and am nervous about kinks that might happen.... all in the Lord's hands right? I keep telling myself that, it's my new mantra :) Give our love to your family! Laura