Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Houston- we have lift off!

Crawling...yes the big news is crawling. Riley has begun to move. And boy is she happy about it. Last night Matt and I were watching the Softball World Cup (in which the USA beat Japan 5 to 1 in case you were wondering- Cat pitched a great game and the defence was amazing with only one blunder) and Riley started moving. She had been doing a kind of bear shuffle before but has it all figured out now. She gets so excited that she tries to go to fast and promptly hits the carpet. But at least she can try to keep up with her brothers now. All 3 on the go.....hmmmmm! :)


MartiMichelle said...

yeah riley! now keep crawling back to us . . . and bring your family! :)

Krista said...


Marti, you are too clever!

Aunt Heather said...

You go girl! Aunt Heather and Uncle Scott are so proud of you!