Sunday, July 23, 2006


Well...we have visited Otter Creek Church the last two Sundays. Last week we visited only the worship service since the boys were in KY with their grandparents and we got a late start on the drive. This week we took the kids to see how they liked the classes. It was very nice and the kids had a blast. Once you drop your kids off in their prospective classes you don't have to pick them up till the end of worship. They have a childrens worship for ages 3 and up and the 2's and down have nursery. So for once Matt and I got to enjoy a sermon with out distractions. They started a series on what they believe and who they are, which is nice in helping us to decide if we would like to attend there. Today, they spoke on membership- what it means to be a member. One thing that he said that stuck out to me is that "God places you in a specific church to use your specific talents for a specific purpose. There is something odd about "church hopping"- to find the place that fits YOU the best rather than finding the church were GOD finds you fit best. God has led our family here and I know that he has a specific place for us to be. Rather than "hopping" around and finding a place that makes us happy and "feel good"- we will find a place that we know gives God joy.

We are also doing some apartment hunting. I have already located one that is a 3 bedroom, in our price range and will be available in mid August. But it is not in the "best neighborhood" so I am on the scour again to find a home till our place sells. Please pray that we will find a place in a decent neighborhood for a good price. We are looking foward to finding our own place again. Thanks to all of you who are praying for our family. We appreciate them more than you know. We miss all of you and pray for you daily- God Bless..

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