Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More updates

Well now that I have gotten some pictures up from the last couple of months I thought I would give a little update:

Riley is crawling and starting to try to pull up. She gets on her knees and hangs on to anything with in reach to try and see over it. I don't think it will be long before she is pulling up and cruising. Her brothers will make sure of it. She thinks she can do what they do and tries really had to be "one of the boys". She crawls around after them and shrieks at them if they leave her behind. She is really interested in what I do too. She will watch me fold laundry and load the dishwasher so intently. I almost think she is taking a mental note so she can try it later.

Caleb is becoming so...big. He is so ready to start school. I hope that I can find a mothers day out program or even a pre pre-k for him to do a few days a week. It will get him around other kids and he is soaking everything up right now. He wants to know about everything- what it is, how it works, what it looks like on the inside... He is really smart for his age I think. I could just be saying it casue I am his mommy, but I really think so.

Ian is doing really good. He is talking a whole lot more and is becoming very inquisitive. He is the quiet ponderer though. He will sit and think about it more than Caleb does. He is also trying to find his own I think. It gets him into trouble some. He thins he can do what ever he wants. I know Caleb is head strong and wants things his way, but Ian just sneaks around to do it. And he does it several times to see the effect. After a few punnishings he gets the idea and drops it.

All in all we are doing good. We might try to go up and see our niece this weekend. Matts parents are coming down for Matts birthday on Friday and then taking the kids home with them till we get up there on Saturday. Then my parents are coming on Sunday to celebrate his birthday. We couldn't all meet at the same time so Matt gets several birthdays this year.

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