Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Our "New Home"

Well we have offically moved into our apartment. It is interesting to say the least. It really isn't too bad except the kids are having a hard time understanting why they can't be as loud as they want. But it is temporary and we will make the best of it.

We are in a little community called Bellevue. We have enjoyed it so far. We are still pretty close to the church we have been visiting (20 min away) and there is an awsome park here that the boys love. We have started going there early in the morning while it is semi-cool to play. In the evenings, we will sometimes go after Matt gets home from work. There is pretty much all you need here (except Target) and we are still pretty close to my parents (an hour if you take the Natchez Trace)

The boys now sleep in their bunk beds. Ian is doing well with the move from the toddler bed to the bottom bunk. Caleb thinks he is big stuff now that he is on top. We have to take the ladder out while they fall asleep and then put it in so he can get down in the morning. I have to get Ian some spiderman sheet like Caleb that way he will feel like a big kid.

Riley is still sleeping in the pack-n-play since we can't find 2 metal rods to her crib. I am sure they are someplace in my parents basement but it might take a while to find. Hopefully they made the move with us and madeit off the truck.

Where we are now, Matt is able to take the bus to work and even if he drives it is only a 15 min drive. We are really blessed to be here in a family oriented community. It reminds me a little of Maumelle, only not as green.


Indie said...

Those are cool bunk beds. I'd be afraid to put Madeira on top though. Sometimes I find her sleeping on the floor and I don't know if she fell out of bed or got out then went back to sleep.

laura bull said...

what an AWESOME park!! i bet the boys ate it up. i hope that if nathan has a brother one day we can do bunk beds too! what fun :)

Marie said...

We (well I ) was slightly worried about the bunk beds. They both have a tendancy to get up and walk with their eyes closed so I saw all sorts of terrible things happeneing. But Caleb does real well and is very careful. Ian is 100% better at traversing the ladder now. I am sure there will be some tumbles but hopefully nothing serious!