Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Turtle Hunter

As many of you know there is a Crocodile Hunter (may God grant his family peace in their time of loss), but our family has someone new- The Turtle Hunter. Apparently my dads land is actually a turtle sanctuary. We have found over 10 turtles just in the last 3 months.( In the picture to the left is the second turtle that we found, Mr. Turtle. ) And yesterday was no different. My dad, with his keen turtle senses, sensed the fear of the small tyke, who I am sure thought he would be shot with the rather large arrows that he saw sticking out of the bows quiver. The Turtle Hunter rescued the tyke from most certain doom and gave him to the grandchildren he loved so much.

It is no bigger than the palm of Rileys' hand. And boy is he active. Of course he had a rough start to his Clement family introduction as my parents cat, KC, decided that he would make a great bouncing toy and rolling game. He hid for a while after that traumatic experience. The boys love him though. We are going to get a tank to put him in tonight. He does not have a name yet and I haven't taken any pictures of him and the kids to post so I will get those up later!

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