Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Weekend with no kids

This past weekend Matt and I got to spend a little time alone together. My parents picked up the kids Saturday morning and we were alone for the first time in a while. We actually didn't go too crazy, but relaxed and did some things. We spent a grand total of almost 6 hours in Bass Pro (yes...I love my husband that much!) while Matt got his bow and materials for hunting season. We wandered around deciding on what we still needed and decided to wait so we could eat. We then ate a late dinner after picking up Riley some clothing. On Sunday we slept in (I know- we are heathens- but it really was an accident- HONEST!!) Then we went back to Opry Mills to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I liked it but it definitely leaves it open for the third. The special effects were great and there were some funny scenes. Then we headed back to Bass Pro to pick up a target for Monday. Then Monday we went to my parents house for dinner and to pick up the kids. Matt and Dad did some target practice. The kids had a blast and I was glad to have had the time away but very glad to have them back. Next weekend we are heading up to Indiana to spend some time with Matt's folks and attend Kaitlyn's church dedication. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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