Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Art Show

The kids and I will be leaving for Indiana tomorrow. We are heading up to my in-laws for a few days so I can experience the St. James Art Show. I have always wanted to go but couldn't justify it when we lived in AR. But now that we are only 3-4 hours away I can spend some time with Heather and Linda (Sis-in-law and mom-in-law) while Paw paw gets to watch the kids! Matt is staying here, but going to the Louisville vs. MTSU game on Friday evening with a friend. I am sure he will have a blast there and having a few nights to himself. While we are in IN we are going to head to Hubers Farm so the kids can expend some energy and enjoy the petting zoo and hayrides that they offer. It will be a lot of fun is some wonderful fall weather. I will post some pictures when we get home on Saturday. Hope everyone have wonderful weather to enjoy and a beautiful weekend!


Krista said...

Sounds fun! Can't wait for your trip to Arkansas. Please hurry.....Cauy is about to drive me crazy...he wants his frient Ian!

laura bull said...

Travel safely... and enjoy your time at the art show :)