Thursday, October 12, 2006

House Hunting

Well this weekend we are going house hunting. We have so far been blessed that everything has gone smoothly on our home in AR. We are set to close on October 23! Yea!! So we have met with a realtor here and looked through countless pages of homes and picked out several in Mt. Juliet and in Spring Hill. So here begins the quest for a place for us to plant roots in TN. We are pretty excited. Please pray that we are able to find a house that suites our needs but also is a good price. I have had to get use to the fact that houses that would have been under 200k in AR are closer to 300k here in Nashville. Talk about sticker shock!!

I have recently made an effort to read more. It is something that I enjoy immensley but have found that since having kids real close together, is not something I get to do often. I bought some "raising Godly boys" books and have been looking at some "raising Godly girls" books as well. I also have gotten several books as far as helping me find "my purpose" outside of just being a wife and mommy and some about men and women of the Bible. I am going to try and read a Liz Curtis Higgs book, which I have been told are very good. Now it is just a matter of arranging my time to actually read them. If anyone has good ones to read (any genre is good for me) leave a comment. I'm always looking for some good ones.

We are heading to Ar on the 19 of October for the Race for the Cure in Texarkana and to see our friends. So hopefuly we can get to see all the new babies born since our move and everyone else in our short time there. And remember anyone is welcome to stay with us when they pass through Nashville!


Anonymous said...

Wow, reading is a big topic lately on the blogs I read! I love reading too, & there are some LCH books that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Please look for the Scottish historical novels she wrote--my favorites! Other Christian fiction authors: Robin Lee Hatcher, Dee Henderson, Kristen Billerbeck.

Have you considered buying a house without a realtor? Just curious, my husband did an excellent job at it, & I would recommend it if either of you are like him (good at organizing research).

Anonymous said...

If you're interested in Amish stuff, Beverly Lewis has a couple great series. I just finished the Abram's Daughters series (5 books) and it was great. Also, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (and anything else by her) is awesome! Happy reading!!!-Kimmie

Krista said...

Do you still have my cell? If so, hollar at me when you get into town and let me know when a good time to get the kids together would be.