Sunday, October 29, 2006


We took the kids to church for trunk-or-treat on the 29th. They had a great time and even played with some new friends at the meal. Ian got a little freaked out twice. The first time a kid with the scream mask tapped him on the shoulder and Ian jumped when he saw him. Then there was a family that had a remote controlled rat on the pavement that scared Ian when it came at him. Luckily he was fine after the guy let him play with it. Riley got a bag full of candy (curtousy of Caleb) and just rode in style. And just in case you are wondering...Riley is a spider!


Anonymous said...

Those scary halloween costumes make me kinda angry--if for no other reason than that they scare the little ones!! A few years ago when my oldest & my nephew were scared of a monster we saw while trick-or-treating, I suggested that THEY try to scare the monsters instead--& that worked! I don't know that they would have been willing to get close to them, but they roared at them & tried to scare them & that distracted them from running & hiding or even crying.

Marie said...

That is a good idea...I never thought of that. I will definatly keep that in mind for next year! Maybe Ian will be brave enough to do that! :)