Thursday, November 09, 2006

Halloween Fun

Right before we went Trick or Treating at the Bellevue Mall, my parents came up to spend some time with the kids. My mom made them bat masks, which they had a ball with. They also got goodie bags with finger puppets, Scooby suckers and healthy snacks in them. (Riley got teddy grahms and animal cookies) We got the kids ready and took some pictures of them in their costumes with Grandma and Papa. Then we headed out to the mall. I wasn't sure how it worked but we went around to the stores and those that we doing the event handed out candy or toys. In the middle of the mall there is a play place and it was pretty neat to see all the costumed kids running around. It was pretty fun but we are excited to have a neighborhood to go out in next year.

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Anonymous said...

Okay so your kids are really adorable but it was also fun to see your mom and dad. Please tell them I said hello when you get a chance in the midst of your busy schedule!