Thursday, November 09, 2006

Updates Galore

Well...I have several posts all at once. I finally was able to get the pictures to load! So hope you enjoyed the Halloween pictures. There is so much going on right now. I am in the process of starting to pack up our apartment since we are scheduled to close on our house on the 28th of November. I figured this way I have given myself plenty of time to get everything done before the Thanksgiving holidays. I'm getting pretty excited about the house. Espically since we have some friends staying with us on the way up north and possibly on the way back home. And hopefully it will work out that the Noels can stay with us on their way to or from KY. It will be nice to be able to really decorate for Christmas too.

Riley is now walking! She has taken several steps and has walked across the room to Daddy and her passy. I am pretty excited. She gets a little to excited in the middle and topples over. Caleb loves to cheer for her and have her walk to him. I think he has really been one of the biggest factors in getting her to walk. He would take her hands and help guide her to a certain spot and then would turn her around and bring her back. It was pretty neat to watch them have that fun time. I am sure by the time her birthday comes around (in 9 days she will be 1!) she will be walking like a pro. Now I just have to get a baby gate for the stairs... :)

They boys are doing real well. Caleb is Mommys little helper and Ian is Caleb's little helper. We have a lot of fun cooking and cleaning. We got a new game that the kids love. It is called Don't Spill the Beans. They have fun learning to take turns and tipping it over on the other persond tray. I am hoping to get more games for them so when the weather is bad we all don't go stir crazy!

I am considering looking for a few kids to watch once we get moved into our place. Aparently in Wilson county there are plenty of people needing childcare and not enough places. I haven't made up my mind. I think if I did I would only take kids that were Caleb and Ian's age. I wouldn't mind babies but the boys would enjoy that so much better. We shall see. I want to get in and settled before I even look at it!


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to ask you about keeping kids. I've started to do that & had some questions for you. If you have any advice to offer, would you email me? I'll try to remember to ask you my questions later. Thanks!

By the way, Don't spill the beans is a favorite in our house. When my 3-yr-old first started playing, I think he thought it was called, "Spill the beans," because he always got excited when they spilled & thought he won!

Marie said... boys think that too! I just let them have fun with it and will eventually get the directions right! :) I'll email you later- I have tons of info!