Sunday, November 26, 2006

Birthday Party

Here are a few pictures from Rileys 1st birthday party. It was a lot of fun. We were able to have many family members here. The kids great grandmas from Matts side were here and my Aunt, Uncle and cousin were also able to be here. She was showered with lots of love and gifts! Let me tell you too. My baby girl can EAT! She was diving into the cake before I even got the top snapped on. I don't think there were enough crumbs left to make a cookie! :)
Here are her stats:
18 1/2 lbs (9th %ile)
27 in long (11%ile)

She is still tiny and will probably continue to be. At least she will have 2 strapping brothers to watch out for her!


Anonymous said...

Can I just say that it is wonderful to see pictures of your little ones and hubby, but so nice to see even a small shot of you? The pics of the party and the hunting trip are great -- I have to say, we see little camo up here in Chicagoland!

Marie said...

Yea..I'm usually the one taking the pictures, and if I'm not then they are at very unflattering angles! I'm trying to get myself in a few so the kids knew they had a mom! :)

We have plenty of camo down here...shall I send some up to you?