Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Family going on's

Well there have been a few interesting things happening around here. On Saturday morning, Caleb woke up at 6:30 and was whimpering as he came in our room. When I asked him what was wrong he said that Santa didn't come- there were no presents under the tree. I just looked at him and said -it's not time for Christmas presents yet. We still have a few days, Santa will come later, not today-don't worry. That seemed to make things better, but instead of going back to bed, we were up for the day (grr...). It really was a sweet moment, marred by the early morning rise. :)

Riley has begun saying more things. She says whats this or whats that. She can also say Christmas tree (ismus tee), snowman (sowmn), daddy, hie ya (think power rangers/martial arts), and bop. Unfortunately there is still no mama. One day I will be called by her. She loves to dance too! You put music on and she will find the rhythm and go to town. I will try to catch her on video to put on here. Once she and the boys see the camera it is all cheese and no play. :)

On the other hand the boys have begun calling me mom. How sad is that? A 4 and 2 1/2 year old saying mom instead of mommy. I am really not ready for that but sometimes it sounds pretty cute. The other day I told Caleb not to do something and his response was "Awww, mom!". Made me laugh. Now that Caleb is getting older, I am sure there will be may more changes.

We are having Christmas here tomorrow night, that way we can get our family presents done before heading up to Indiana. I think we will get the boys in the car for church and then put the presents under the tree so it looks like Santa came while we were at church. Then we will leave to Indiana on Thursday. I will post some pictures before we eave on Thursday of our cookie making time and then of our Christmas.


laura bull said...

sounds like little riley's going to be a little chatter box... like mommy or daddy :)

Marie said...

yea...I am afraid that she is going to be like me! Hopefully I can deter her while in the classroom, as to not experience a teachers wrath!

Anonymous said...

Everyone here in Kentuckiana is anxiously awaiting your arrival. Hope you have a very good family time together tomorrow night.

Grandma Clement