Monday, December 18, 2006

A Wonderful Visit

We were blessed to have our friends, The Noel's, stop and stay with us for a night on their way to Kentucky. The boys were so excited to see Claire and Emilyn. They had such a wonderful time playing together. We got to meet Allie Ann for the first time and as you can see in the pictures Caleb had fun playing with her and Ian helped to change her diaper and get her dressed. WE tried letting them sleep in the same room, but they were just to excited to be back together to even try and sleep. The boys were sad when they left this morning, but they perked up when we told them they would get to see Claire, Emi and Allie when we went to Grandmas house. So that made the goodbyes so much easier. We are so glad that we will still be able to see the Noel's often. IT may not be the same as it was before, but we will take it!

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laura bull said...

We are so glad that it worked out for them to come and visit! And just think of the fun coming up with Emma and Garrett... oh the memories they'll make :)