Friday, December 15, 2006

New Adventure

Nothing huge, but I gave all 3 kids a bath at the same time this morning. I did it in their tub, but from now on will do it in ours. It was a little tight. They had fun. The boys played like they always do and Riley either watched or read books. After I got the boys hair washed I did Riley's and for once she didn't fight me. I laid her back and she watched the boys as they talked to her. I got her hair rinsed and the only bad thing was when Ian splashed and it got on Riley's face. All in all it was pretty easy. So maybe we will do a 3 kid bath for a while, at least till Riley is old enough to notice there is something different about the boys. :) I didn't get to take any pictures of it. Our camera is draining batteries like crazy, so not sure what is wrong with it. Hopefully I can get it fixed and get some on here. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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