Friday, December 08, 2006


As you noticed, Caleb's birthday post was a tad late. I was laid up at mom and dads on some mighty strong muscle relaxers, pin meds, and something else. Aparently I lifted more than I should have and hurt my siatic nerve. It was quite funny actually- I was hobbled over like an older woman and couldn't stand up for a while. But I am better now and hoping not to do that again. I was worried about a slipped disc or something elase, so hopefully I can learn to not try and do everything and ask for help. Andrea Manor was wonderful and watched the kids for a long time so I could go to the ER. I was so thankful to have friends here to help me out! What a blessing Andrea and Abby were. Caleb can't stop talking about Mrs. Andrea and her Abby.

I have a special prayer request. Please keep the Welches in your prayers
. Emma has been sick and Garrett has RSV. Marti is not getting much sleep and the kids are pretty fussy. To top it all off, Matt has not been feeling well either. I know it is tiring when your kids are ill and you don't get much sleep. Please pray for the kids to begin feeling better. Garrett has to do breating treatments, which for a 9 month old is not to easy. Pray for Marti's sanity as she is loosing sleep and is "on demand" every second, plus the worry for her children.

My grandpa is staying with my parents for a while as my grandma heals in NY. She had an infection and became altered so her daughter has Grandma living with her. Grandpa has trouble with his short term memory and has had some trouble adjusting to living with mom and dad for a month. I got to see him while I was there for my back and he is struggling and it is very hard for us all to see him like this. Please pray that he begins to adjust well and that what ever God has planned for him will come to pass in an easy manner.

The Mccord family. I never did an update, but Keith passed away and the memorial and funeral were this past week. I cannot even fathom what Stephanie is feeling or going through. Please pray that God will sustain her faith and strength through this time. Pray that she and Lincoln will find peace and comfort in God and strength in family and friends.

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