Monday, December 11, 2006

Things to Ponder

I just read two posts that left me, how should I say, amazed.

Jen always has a wonderful way of articulating her innermost feelings. But they also articulate the things I feel. Her insight and thoughts show me God in her. I know she is a huge blessing to those that know her. Jon is truly a lucky man to have such a wonderful wife! In her post she discusses how many times our sevice to God can "focus on the "what" of activities rather than the service of the Lord Jesus."

In another post that was linked on Indies blog, Jarred quotes a poem and then discusses it. It was a reminder to me that God is everywhere and in everything. In every person I see, god is there. God is in me, and I can be a reminder to someone else or the thing that shows God to them. He is a grad student at ACU.

Hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did. Maybe they will cause some thought processes among you! :)

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