Sunday, February 04, 2007

Christmas Present

I got a really neat present this year from Matt and the kids. I had been wanting a new camera and had been looking around for one that was affordable and that I wanted. Well, they got me one for Christmas. So now I can shoot the boys in action with continual shots and I don't have to wait for the camera to save the picture and come back to picture-taking mode. It will be really nice when Caleb starts soccer in a month (yes...I said soccer- we are letting him try every sport!). I am pretty excited. So the next shots you will see are from the new camera. We are going to go play in the snow this afternoon so I will put those up later. I have been wanting to take some photography classes and this will also help to have the camera. Maybe one day I will become a photographer (when the kids are grown and out of the house- might be the only time I have to try!)

**OK as Aunt Marti pointed out in the comments- I only talked about taking action pictures of the boys. I left out my baby girl! I am sure I will have many moments to take her in action shots. She is sure to play sports or be on the sides cheering. So I am correcting my error: I will get to take continual shots of MY CHILDREN while they are playing sports or just having fun! ;) Thanks Marti!!


PiperMatt said...

you of course meant to say I can shoot action shots of the boys AND RILEY . . . . it's ok baby girl if mommy forgets your a girl you just hitch hike on down to AR and stay with your Aunt Marti! We'll play tea party and dress up like princess' and put make-up on. It'll be great girly fun.

Marie said...

yea....I should have said that. I'll add an addendum! :) I'm sure she will play sports too- she'll be a tom-boy for sure!