Sunday, February 04, 2007

Update on Grandpa

Thank you all for your recent prayers for my family. My parents and grandpa made it back safely from NY last week. Riley and I were able to go spend a few days with Grandpa while the boys were in IN last week. He is doing OK. He is having a very difficult time as is Grandma. He keeps trying to find a way back home, and was seriously considering hitching back to NY and would have if it wasn't starting to snow. When he and Grandma talk, it is heart breaking. They really miss each other and want to be together. My mom and Gerry are trying to figure out what to do. Neither of them can stay with Grandpa full time in NY, but he refuses to go into an Assisted Living facility. Right now we are just trying to make it through a week at a time. THey are going to try and talk to a psychologist and see what they can do to make the transition easier and to keep him from slipping into depression. Grandma still thinks that they will be back together in the spring. I am unsure whether her children have told her that she will not be leaving Marys' house or if she just can't remember it. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. I have a feeling it will get more difficult before it gets easier.

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jonandjen said...

FYI- make sure that if they can they see a geropsychologist who specializes with older adults. It can make a world of difference in terms of his comfort level, in having someone who makes it their business to understand the life transitions and emotions at that stage of life.

In the meantime, I'll keep praying. I'm glad you got to visit.