Monday, February 26, 2007

Don't you just love it?

Don't you just love it when you get random comments on a post even with the word verification on??? So you then know that it is an actual person and not some random program. Some times I think they are funny, but some can be down right mean. I ended up deleting one because the person was griping at me that I had commented on a friends blog that I was happy that I had been in a hospital with my first child's birth that resulted in a quick c-section- rather than having a natural birth (like I had wanted). My friend and I had discussed it at length and we were never mean or hateful about it. Apparently this stranger felt that I had done myself an injustice because my ignorance in laboring techniques caused me to endanger myself and my unborn child. :) I am all for everyone having a choice in how they deliver- to each her own! I just though it was hysterical that I would be critiqued on it!

* I just found out that who ever this is has also gone onto other blogs and left information or critiques about birthing. Apparently she got my site from someone else's list and might have left comments on any of the links from my site. If so- I am really sorry. I am looking into a way that I can keep our site safe.


Indie said...

She commented on my blog too. Her comments were kind of on topic and did have some true info, but I can't believe that she came over to your blog after that and harassed you. That's kind of crossing the line. Does she really think she's going to win anyone over that way? I'm all for educating people but not harassing people for what happened in the past.

MartiMichelle said...

ok that lady is crazy on the other site. I was there for the 1st birth and um if you'd been at home it'd never have worked and you'd have to be rushed to the hospital anyway. I don't think anyone should post on someones site unless they know that person or have something positive to say! Sorry if she said ugly stuff to you. I'll go beat her up if you want. :)

Malia said...

Try enabling "comment moderation" for awhile and see how you like that. Comment Moderation lets you see the comment before it is placed on your blog. You have to say it's okay to post. That way, comments of that nature are only seen by you and you get to decide whether or not to share them with anyone else.