Monday, February 26, 2007

I thought I would do an update on the kids since it has been awhile. So here you go!

Riley is doing well. He is learning to talk and would be a pro at it by now if her brothers would let her! Every time Matt and I try to teach her words, Caleb and Ian chime in for her. I am sure one day she will surprise us all and just start talking in sentences. :) She is still very petite for her age. We go for her 15 month check up on Friday and I am excited to see what % she is for her height. She was in the 20th % but the last time she had dropped to the 9th %. But she is such a joy to be around. She loves to blow kisses and climb the stairs. She is getting better at going down, but still catches her feet up and slides down them at times. She loves to be ready to, and will pick the same book over and over again. There are several I can now recite from memory. She loves going to class at church. She heads on in and sits down to wait for the singing to begin.

Ian is doing real well. We have started potty training again. He was doing real good a few months back, but then decided he didn't want to go anymore. So we are starting over and trying a different reward system. We are going to get Spider-man stickers to put on a chart. I have yet to figure out how we will do the reward system yet, but hopefully this will get us back on track. He is also working real hard on growing his imagination. The things that he comes up with and do just crack us up. He loves acting out his own "episodes". He is still our sensitive boy, but he is learning how to "fight back". We went to a gun show this weekend that my dad and uncle were participating in and they had a rock wall that the Army guys had set up. Ian just met the weight limit and he had so much fun. I wish I had gotten pictures- but we couldn't take one in. :) Ian loves his Bible class. He knows the starting work routine and will remind the teacher if she forgets.

Caleb is getting to big. He has become a little man. He is curious about everything and has the memory of an elephant. You can tell him something and a week or 2 later he can tell it to you word for word. He is really looking forward to school next year. He loves being mommy's helper and when daddy is not here- he takes care of us. While we were at the gun show, he also got to climb up the rock wall. Had there not be others waiting then he would have done it all day. I can see he and Ian being very big outdoors men- which is just fine with us. He loves going to Bible class and has so much fun singing to us. We have a praise and worship Cd that is for kids. Every time we get in the car we turn it on and he will sing at the top of his lungs. Even when he is at home, you will hear him singing songs from the cd or from Church. He will start playing Soccer in the next few months. I know he is so happy to be playing sports. In the fall we are going to sign him up for flag football.

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