Monday, February 26, 2007

Waiting for a beautiful day

I was getting pretty discouraged the other day with trying to find a playground for the kids. I had driven around and had only seen school playgrounds, which you can't use during the day. So I finally googled playgrounds in our area and there is the neatest one about 10 min from our house. It is located in the Charlie Daniels Park. There are pavilions for picnics, and volleyball, tennis and basketball courts along with a community center. The design reminds me of the Red Caboose Park in Bellevue, TN and Kids Kingdom in Columbia, TN. We decided to go check it out on Friday evening. It was getting dark and was cool so we didn't stay too long, but the kids had a blast. There is a regular big kid play area, but towards the back is the toddler area. They have "shrunken" all the big kid equipment. They had a ton of fun and were not happy to leave. But that will be a place we will be visiting quite often when it gets warmer.

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