Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Since visiting new churches, Riley has had to deal with some battle wounds. On our first Sunday at Community, she was bit on the toe. On our last visit a young lady (baby) was trying to hug her. Now Riley isn't one to really cuddle or stand there for you to hug her. So as hard as the little lady tried, she couldn't hug Riley. I am thinking that she flapped her hands in frustration and was a little to close to Riley's face. As you can see, she got nicked pretty good on her nose. She whimpered a little when we got her after church. But she is fine. Maybe soon she will learn it is ok to hug, and will stop getting beat up for it! :)


lisa leichner said...

Ouch!! Glad to see another Mommy likes to record her kids' wounds. :)

Neva said...

The price one pays for being so loveable---My husband claims to have the same problem. :)
How old does she have to be to take kickboxing?

She is very cute in spite of the wounds.

PiperMatt said...

She's definitely a Clement... NOT an Anderson... Ian, on the other hand, likes to hug. :)


Those are battle scars. She should wear them proudly! ha