Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Zoo Trip with Friends

We were so blessed to spend the day with the Tomlinson Family at the zoo. We loaded everyone up in the van and headed out about mid morning. The zoo was crazy!! There were cars parked on the grass almost to the entrance. I really thought that we would have to park back there, but there were several spaces up in the parking lot. We found one and decided to eat on the grass since we were unsure of how many picnic tables would be available. It was actually a lot of fun. The kids dug in the dirt while we got cleaned up and everything put away. Then we
headed in. We could hear the monkeys the moment we got out of the car so that had to be the first stop. They were actually right on the edge, by the water. Then we headed over to the elephants and giraffes. They were really close. From there we saw the cats and the alligators. One of the pictures on the side is Ian with the meerkats. They cam running up to the glass and were watching the kids. One tried to scratch it's way out. Kind of freaked all the kids out. The meerkats are always Riley's favorite. I was amazed that all the animals were out, moving and interested in the people! I
got this cute picture of the 3 boys watching the baby alligators at Alligator Cove. It was a great trip. They did amazingly well till right before we left. They started getting tired, cranky and whiny. Riley was not complaining at all. It was a little after 3 and she hadn't slept at all. So I was pretty amazed at her demeanor. On the way home the boys talked and played. Next time I think we will go when the Daddy's can go too. And we will make sure to hit the awesome jungle playground they have there.

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